Sparsh Palliative Care Services was founded in the USA in 2014, it provides Hospice and Palliative care support to the patients with serious health-relted suffering such as cancer in India, primarily in Hyderabad and then other parts of the state and country. These services are non-existent in most parts of India.

Our flagship programme has been SPARSH HOSPICE, in Hyderabad.

Sparsh has been providing Hospice and Palliative Care to with serious ghealth-related suffering such as cancer in Hyderabad since 2011 and cared for more than 5,050 patients with life limiting illnesses.

Along with life limiting disease cancer burden has been exploding exponentially in India (1.2 million new cases per year). The patients depend on Sparsh for end-of-life care, nursing care, medical help; besides the warm care and comfort we provide to ensure that their final days are as comfortable as can be. Sparsh also provides ‘Home Care” at the patient’s door-step, to those who prefer the comfort of their homes.

All services at Sparsh are free for the patients including medical care, food, medicines, accommodation for patient and attender etc.

The final departure is pleasant, and one might even detect a trace of a smile of contentment.

Sparsh Hospice. A serene and dignified departure


Dr. M. Subrahmanyan
M.Suresh Reddy
Lax Gopisetty

Our Directors

Dr. Praveen Kollipara
Dr. Aruna Venkatesh
Jayaram Reddy P

Sparsh is now constructing a new 70 bed building to house 70 patients and will be the largest In-Patient Hospice care facility in India.

The upcoming building is an environmentally friendly green building, which has been planned in such a way that each patient can watch some green plantations from their respective beds.

The cost of this building is $ 1,500,000 and the running cost per month would be $ 30,000 Major donors would be recognized on a special ‘Donor Wall”. All donations are Tax exempt under 501-(c)-3